The workshop goes through the theory and science behind the method. We look at the feats of Wim Hof and explain how he is able to perform such feats. We then discuss and practice the Wim Hof Breathing method and see how it affects you. It’s an amazing feeling after the breathing and it has many benefits.

We then look at mindset and how to incorporate the method into daily life.

After that we discuss the benefits of cold exposure. We also discuss how to progress this afterwards. Then we prepare you for the ice bath. Don’t worry you will be guided through the whole process and we ensure you remain calm throughout. After that we warm the body up naturally with some exercises.

Finally we have a Q&A section although participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop.

Contraindications: The breathing exercises can make some people lightheaded so should be done while sitting down.

People who suffer from Epilepsy, Heart conditions and who maybe Pregnant should not do the breathing exercises.  



“Very interesting and strong experience. The atmosphere was great, nice bunch of people. John has the quiet inside strength which makes you to trust him completely and follow his instructions while submerging into ice cold water. And I did it and survived it 🙂, even keeping up the breathing at home and doing at least cold showers. I highly recommend John and this experience.” Valeria Gornerova