Learn the Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Ice Bath
 I am a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor (Level 2) since 2017 and  through this method as well as research resulting from personal experience I aim to to teach people breathing techniques and introduce ways to increase your cell Oxygen levels.

The result is to become “Happy, Healthy & Strong“.

Do you want More Energy?          Do you want Better Focus?        Do you want Improved Health ?

Why not let me teach you the Wim Hof Method and let you take control of your health.

The Benefits of WHM

Boost Your Immune System
Improve Mental Health
Increase Sports Performance
Relieve Stress
More Energy
Better Sleep
Workout Recovery
Increase Willpower
Boost Concentration
Deal With Depression
Burnout Recovery
Natural Anti-inflammatory
Improve Cold Tolerance

The Wim Hof Method is based on 3 pillars: Cold Exposure, Breathing and Mindset.

We need to learn how to take control of our breathing, get used to cold exposure and through commitment and practice we will improve our health. We then need to incorporate this into our daily lives.  

How do we do this in everyday life?
Attitude – A healthy mind leads to a healthy body
Breathing Exercises – Respiratory Workout
Cold Exposure – Cardiovascular Workout
Diet – Clean foods to ensure internal oxygen transport system and cell respiration are maintained
Environment – Getting in touch with nature

Our Story

Health is Your Wealth

I have spent the last number of years researching how to keep myself and my family healthy and I believe that reducing stress and getting oxygen to the cells goes a long way in doing this. In 2015 I watched the Vice documentary on Wim Hof and was fascinated. I signed up for the 10 week online course and was hooked. The following year I visited Wim’s home in Stroe for a weeks advanced training. In 2017 I traveled to Poland training with Wim, Kasper, and Bart and to become a certified instructor. Since then I have been lucky enough to teach the method throughout Ireland. 

We Believe

Oxygen is the Key

Oxygen helps fuel your muscles and brain function. It is key to improving energy levels and boosting your immune system. Breathing exercises increase oxygen levels and can make you feel more alert and improve your mood. It is known that during sports activities you burn up oxygen and this can lead to fatigue, muscle cramps etc. Our methods can help reduce these negative affects and can improve sports performance.

We Offer

Our Experience

Our methods will teach you to learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable by embracing the cold. We also teach you to breathe the Wim Hof Method way which gives a great workout to your respiratory system. We introduce you to cold exposure and learn to relax the body and mind. We will introduce you to Electrosmog which we believe is having a negative effect on our health and how to reduce it. We are continuously learning about our health and try to incorporate them into our daily life.  We believe modern life is extremely stressful and you need to make time to reduce this. We gladly share our experiences and knowledge.