There is definitely an increase in anxiety amongst many of us who are working from home. We miss the daily interaction of our colleagues, the little chats and other simple activities that made up our daily routine. Working remotely comes with its own unique pressures and stresses, most notably the inability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It is therefore important for employees to consider ways to ensure employee wellness. One way is to incorporate online exercise and relaxation sessions.

We offer a unique online session that lasts 1 hour that can be tailored to suit requirements. It is a mixture of Tapping, Qi Gong and Breathwork.

The feedback from participants has been great and they have found it very beneficial.

Why not contact us to see how we can be of help.

“John dedicated three workshops over the course of one week to our employees here at Web Summit. As difficult as it is to form a new relationship with people in a virtual setting, John did so effortlessly. His demeanor, personality, and sense of humour puts you at ease very early on which really helps you relax and focus on the techniques that follow. For the majority of us (me included) taking part in these breathing exercises for the first time, it was a very enjoyable and enlightening session. To think you can achieve such levels of relaxation, calmness, and revitalisation simply by breathing was eye-opening. Given the times of restrictions and lockdowns and anxiety and worry, these sessions were certainly well received and well needed.

Thank you for your time and expertise, John. “

Patrick Kelly, HR Business Partner, Web Summit

“I took a number of online breathing and stretching courses with John during the last lockdown and found it very beneficial. The exercises and breathing practices he showed us were so useful and easy to do at Your desk. It also relieved a lot of stress both in body and mentally.

I would highly recommend his courses.”

Declan Crossan Quality Control Engineer, Prometric

Contraindications: The breathing exercises can make some people lightheaded so should be done while sitting down.

People who suffer from Epilepsy, Heart conditions and who maybe Pregnant should not do the breathing exercises.