The Online Breathing Class is a stress-reduction and mindfulness class that focuses on oxygenation and relaxation through breath work and Qi Gong exercises. Each class lasts for approx. 45mins and can be done while sitting at your desk or 60min classes usually in the evenings.

When we are under stress at work, we tend to crouch and compress ourselves over the computer and our field of vision becomes narrow. This causes us to breathe in a shallow manner.  The brain needs plenty of oxygen to function properly and shallow breathing results in a reduction of the supply causing muddled thinking, headaches, tiredness etc. Also, the digestive system doesn’t receive the movement and massage it needs from the diaphragm because of breathing higher up in the chest area and this can lead to problems like bloating and acid reflux. Over time this can have a negative effect on a person’s health both physically and mentally. By teaching a person simple techniques we empower employees to take control of their wellbeing.

Having worked in industry for a number of years I know how sitting at a PC for eight hours a day causes the neck, shoulders and hips to become stiff resulting in tension in these areas which then spread to other areas of the body. There is a need to take a periodic break to activate these areas, to breathe deeply and also to relax the mind for a short period.

We use a combination of diaphragm breathing to oxygenate the body and Qi Gong exercises that are used to activate the energy meridians and lymphatic system to relieve tension.

It is a workout that:

  • Energizes you long term by fuelling you with oxygen at a cellular level
  • Enhances focus, mental clarity, and mood
  • Leads to better sleep and higher immunity
  • Lessens anxiety and pain
  • Activates the energy meridians
  • Activates the lymphatic system

The Online Breathing Class is a natural cure for stress and fatigue reduction.  You can expect to experience both immediate and delayed positive responses to oxygenating your body and relaxation.

Contraindications: The breathing exercises can make some people lightheaded so should be done while sitting down.

People who suffer from Epilepsy, Heart conditions and who maybe Pregnant should not do the breathing exercises.