Your environment has an effect on your body and mind. Once we know this we can do something about it. It is important to take measures to reduce this by breathing techniques and exercise.

About 100 years ago we lived in a relatively clean natural environment. In today’s world however, everyone is exposed to types of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) that are unseen but may be affecting your health.
Electromagnetic fields, whether emitted by high voltage lines, domestic appliances, relay antennas, mobile telephones or other microwave devices, are increasingly present in our homes and in our techno industrial environment.
Living or working in artificial electromagnetic extremely low frequency and high frequency fields, on top of the electromagnetic fields naturally occurring in the environment, is still a relatively new experience for human beings, fauna and flora. This unseen smog of electro magnetic fields and radio waves that have been linked to damaging our health.

The video below looks at how our red blood cells stick together after using electronic equipment. This has the effect of reducing oxygen being delivered to cells.