In this course you will learn simple breathing techniques and productivity hacks for improving your performance in the workspace.

The content of the course can be spread over a number of weeks or a once of class. Each session consists of a lecture plus practical exercises and takes 45 min to 1 hour.

The course can be done in the office or amended for online.

What do you get?

During the sessions you will learn how to optimise your breathing to increase your productivity in the workspace and simple exercises to relieve tightness from long periods of sitting.

These are the practical tools for improving breathing patterns in order to increase the oxygen delivery and transport in the body.

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“John has delivered a number of his Wim Hof training sessions to staff at Prometric. The feedback from participants is always very positive with many experiencing the associated benefits of the various techniques.
John is not only very knowledgeable in this area but clearly very passionate about the method and helping to enable people to improve their overall health and wellbeing. A natural public speaker with a great personality, John is sure to be of benefit to whatever individual or group he is working with.”
Eamonn Kelly, Senior manager – Human Resources (EMEA) at Prometric


We tend to crouch and compress ourselves over the computer and we fix our gaze for hours onto the PC screen so that the field of vision becomes narrow. This causes us to breathe in a shallow manner and our neck and shoulders become stiff.  The brain needs plenty of oxygen to function properly and shallow breathing results in a reduction of the supply causing muddled thinking, headaches, tiredness etc.

By teaching a person simple techniques we empower you to take control of your wellbeing.

“John dedicated three workshops over the course of one week to our employees here at Web Summit. As difficult as it is to form a new relationship with people in a virtual setting, John did so effortlessly. His demeanor, personality, and sense of humour puts you at ease very early on which really helps you relax and focus on the techniques that follow. For the majority of us (me included) taking part in these breathing exercises for the first time, it was a very enjoyable and enlightening session. To think you can achieve such levels of relaxation, calmness, and revitalisation simply by breathing was eye-opening. Given the times of restrictions and lockdowns and anxiety and worry, these sessions were certainly well received and well needed.

Thank you for your time and expertise, John. “

Patrick Kelly, HR Business Partner, Web Summit

Contraindications: The breathing exercises can make some people lightheaded so should be done while sitting down.

People who suffer from Epilepsy, Heart conditions and who maybe Pregnant should not do the breathing exercises.