Wim Hof Method


"The WIM HOF METHOD can be  charcterised by its simplicity, application and a strong scientific endorsement. It is a practical way to become Happy, Healthy and Strong." Wim Hof.

The Wim Hof Method was developed by a Dutch man called Wim Hof. He has spent a number of years working with scientists to verify the effectiveness of his techniques.

The method is based on 3 pillars: Cold Therapy, Breathing, & Commitment. Each has its own benefits but together they form a magnificent way of boosting the immune system, calming the mind and relaxing the body. The method has had positive effects for people who suffer from a number of ailments including  auto-immune dieases, depression and anxiety.

Cold Therapy: Proper exposure to the cold starts a cascade of health benefits, including the buildup of brown adipose tissue and resultant fat loss, reduced inflammation that facilitates a fortified immune system, balanced hormone levels, improved sleep quality, and the production of endorphins— the feel-good chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate your mood. Cold therapy should be introduced slowly:

Week 1starting with turning the shower to cold for 15 secs at the end of your normal shower

Week 2 increase this time to 30 secs

Week 3 increase this time to 45 secs

Week 4 increase this time to 60 secs

Then see if you can take a cold shower and eventually building up to regular ice baths.

Breathing: The second pillar of the method is breathing. We’re always breathing, yet we’re mostly unaware of its tremendous potential. Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and the specialized breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method unearths them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response that swiftly deals with pathogens.

Commitment: The third pillar of the method is the foundation of the other two: both cold exposure and conscious breathing require patience and dedication in order to be fully mastered. Armed with focus and determination you are ready to explore and eventually master your own body and mind.  

The Benefits of WHM

Boost Your Immune System
Improve Mental Health
Increase Sports Performance
Relieve Stress
More Energy
Better Sleep
Workout Recovery
Increase Willpower
Boost Concentration
Deal With Depression
Burnout Recovery
Natural Anti-inflammatory
Improve Cold Tolerance