Fundamentals Workshop

The fundamentals workshop is the best way to learn the method. We will take you through the science and theory behind the method, then practice the breathing techniques and then get you to immerse yourself in an ice bath. Don’t worry you will be guided through the whole experience.

Program of Events

The workshop will introduce you to the science and the benefits of the Wim Hof Method and then guide you through the process so you can experience them for yourself.

The program is based on the following;

An overview of Wim Hof and the Method

The science to back up the benefits

Introduction to the Wim Hof breathing method

Practicing the breathing techniques

The Importance of Oxygen

Relaxation Methods

Improve Sports Perfomance

Introduction to Vagus Nerve activation

Overview of Cold Water and it’s benefits

Preparation for Ice Bath

Ice Bath immersion


Q & A


Light refreshments will be provided.

Please bring a towel, swim wear, loose clothing for exercises and flip flops.


Our workshops are held throughout the country and details are posted on our social media channels. Should you require a private workshop please don’t hesitate to contact us.