Life can stress us Physically, Emotionally and Mentally!

Are you anxious?

Can you manage stress?

Do you suffer from headaches?

Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?

Do you get tired easily?

Would you like to boost your immune system?

What if you could learn to be at ease, cope with stress and wake up each morning feeling energised and ready for the day?

We all have our own life’s journey. It can be difficult sometimes but if we believe in ourselves and keep searching for answers we will find them. We need to shift our vision and cultivate an ability to find love, health, success, peace, and abundance right where you stand. Don’t wait, do it now. 

For years I suffered on and off with headaches and thought this was just the way I was. I popped pills to numb the pain and just got on with life. I never really slept well and I would often go to bed fine and wake up with a headache. I went to my doctor, got my blood tested and had my head placed in scanning machines to see if there was anything wrong. Thankfully they could never find anything physically wrong with me. All they could offer was pills and I must admit I took them. I carried on this way for years.

In 2010 my wife Jackie was diagnosed with cancer and she decided to go what is called “alternative”. We went to Germany and we both took Live Blood Analysis, they examine a sample of blood under a microscope. What an eye opener for both of us. Our red blood cells were all different shapes and sizes and also clumped together in various forms. We both took Ozone therapy and started down the road of investigating how to improve our blood and also how to improve our health. Jackie also took hyperthermia (in Germany) and had the tumor removed in 2013.

It has been an amazing journey of discovery. We believe Oxygen at cellular level is paramount to health. We learnt that breathing correctly, adding ingredients to our diet and taking some things out, learning to relax and taking time for yourself, taking regular exercise and getting a good nights sleep go a long way to improving your health both physically and mentally. I am not a doctor and don’t claim to cure anything but we are both happy and healthy since we made the changes and implemented certain routines into our life.

This program is based on 10 years of study that I have carried out and our experience during our journey. It is based on the following principles:



Cold Exposure


Exercising, Earthing and Environment


Who Am I?

My name is John, I am a husband, a father to 3 sons, an Electronic Engineer, EMF Auditor, Wim Hof Method Instructor and a trainee Qi Gong Instructor.

As an engineer I worked in the electronics industry for a number of years for Brother, Panasonic and Xerox. Here I first learned the importance of earthing/grounding to protect electronic circuits. I also ran my own web business for 15 years. Running your own business is stressful and I didn’t know how to destress. For the last number of years I have carried out house EMF audits under Building Biology guidelines after I discovered that EMF’s can damage your health and that your bedroom should be an EMF safe zone.

In 2017 I became a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor and have carried out workshops throughout Ireland and abroad. I am also in the process of becoming a Qi Gong instructor as I love the combination of breathwork, movement and meditation.

Oxygen for Health

Oxygen is brought into the lungs via breathing, where it is transported by red blood cells to the entire body to be used to produce energy called ATP. We breathe because oxygen is needed to burn the fuel in our cells to produce energy, this is called Cell Respiration.

In order to do this it is therefore recommended…

  1. Ensure internal oxygen transport system and cell respiration are maintained
  2. Diet to ensure oxygen transport
  3. Exercise and  detoxification processes
  4. Consider external and environmental sources

What Doctors Say

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level”
Prof. A.C. Guyton MD, The Textbook of Medical Physiology

“Starved of Oxygen the body will become ill and if this persists it will die. I doubt if there is an argument about that”
Dr. John Muntz Nutritional Scientist

“Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system,”
Dr. Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D., author of “Antioxidant Adaption”

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause.
Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”
Dr. Otto Warburg Nobel Prizewinner 1931


Are You Ready To RESET?

As a member of Oxygen Reset you will receive;

6 Weekly group 1 hour education modules delivered by myself via zoom and action items designed to promote self awareness in each topic. During each session I will explain the science behind each topic and how we have implemented into our daily lives.

Week 1

Attitude: “Where there is hope you fight and when you fight there is hope” This is the text I sent to my brother while Jackie was in Germany getting treatment. We will discuss how to implement a positive attitude even when things seem too difficult.

Week 2

Breathwork: “If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.” An old Chinese proverb. There are many breathing exercises. We will teach you 3 types that we use daily.

Week 3

Cold Therapy: “Cold showers help you manage stress better, help you build your willpower and exercise your cardiovascular system” Tony Robbins. We start each morning with a cold shower, a great way to start the day. The cold is a physical and mental challenge and we will teach you how to conquer this and implement into  daily routine.

Week 4

Diet: “Compared to 100 years ago Omega 3 is down 80%, B vitamins are down to about 50%” Dr. Rudin, Director of the Department of Molecular Biology at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute. We will look at some of the additions to our diet and what we have removed in order to assist the transportation and absorption of oxygen.

Week 5

Exercise: “Exercise helps lymph fluid move through the lymphatic system ensuring a “Dry State” at cellular level to allow the transfer of oxygen” Dr. Samuel West Founder of International Academy of Lymphology. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart is for the blood. We look at the best exercises for moving lymphatic fluid.

Week 6

Earthing: “Earthing restores your body’s natural internal electrical stability and rhythms. It shifts the nervous system from a stress-dominated to one of calmness” Clint Ober the founder of Earthing and that is why we sleep on a ground sheet.

Environment: “About 100 years ago we lived in a relatively clean natural environment. In today’s world however, everyone is exposed to types of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) that are unseen but may be affecting your health.” Prof Olle Johansson. We need to learn how to reduce our exposure especially during sleep.

As an EMF auditor we share information on how to ensure the bedroom is an EMF sanctuary so that you have a good nights sleep.

Once per week

Weekly group 1 hour gentle exercise and breathing workshop for relaxing body and mind.


Faith: Do you believe in a higher power? We share our thoughts on this and how we believe it has helped us.


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